~ Writers Tip #2 ~

~ Writers Tip #2 ~


Don’t Let your Fears Get In The Way From Being All You Can Be !

Pretty self explanatory right? I think so..

I have this issue with letting fears of success stop me from doing the very best I know I can and its hard to stop thinking of it I guess you could say, but personally despite the fear you have of moving closer to your goal in whatever you do fears can be a good thing, some people have fears of being a failure so they try harder right? I know I do, but anyway just please keep going forward don’t step back cause of a fear thought that comes in your mind briefly if you let that take control of you, you will not get anywhere.

Good Luck And Have Fun

Thank You For Reading!

One more thing.. This is strictly my opinion and what keeps me motivated it may not work for all of you so don’t hold me to it and please no negative comments if you don’t like what I said in this post please feel free to pass it up :) Anything you guys want to add feel free to comment and if you have a Tip that you would like me to write my opinion feel free to comment here or message me on facebook or twitter :)

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