My Final Post…

So it is my time to leave this site…

No, I am not hanging up the writing and publishing, I’m just hanging up being on wordpress.
A big Thank you to all the Followers who been with me since the beginning which was back in November 2013.

All of my posts have been put on Private and everything else on here has been deleted.

Most of you know I have 4 published works out, 2 novella’s and 2 anthologies with another one coming at the end of this year a Dystopian piece to be exact.

This blog was made when I was working on my first Novel, Intensive, Which I’m STILL working on. it has finally come that I will be publishing it Late 2017/ Early 2018. woohoo!

Anyway with all this said, it has been one hell of a ride being a indie author, I’m still hoping to be published by a Traditional Publisher later down the line. Cross Fingers!

My new author website is up and running but still in the works. If you care to know what I’m up to or what I’m working on go ahead and go here :

Again Thank you all for kickin it with me these past few years and I can’t wait to see what I have installed for you in the future :)

XOXO ~ Franny Marie… <3


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